Kerry Brennan

Former Program Associate, Research

Kerry Brennan is a program manager at Reboot, and a former Rockefeller Foundation program associate in the Strategic Research unit.

Authored Content

  • Oct 10 2013
    Blog Post Why Jobs Mean More Than Income In everyday conversation, “livelihood” is often used as just another word for a job. Jobs are of course a good and, in fact, crucial part of improving the lives of the world’s poor or otherwise vulnerable people. But for too many people, a job contributes to vulnerability; it may provide an income but not an […] Kerry Brennan
  • Aug 23 2013
    Blog Post Civil Unrest Tipping Points Protests and other expressions of civil unrest often seem to outside observers to have arisen from out of nowhere. Even to people intimately connected to the issues, the speed at which a single event can tip into something much bigger may come as a surprise. An article published by New Scientist and brought to our […] Kerry Brennan