Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos

Former Communications Officer, Asia Regional Office

Authored Content

  • Dec 29 2014
    Blog Post The Private Sector's Role in Climate Change Resilience An executive survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit finds that 90 percent of business leaders believe that they have a role in building resilience and preparing cities for the impacts of climate change. In fact, this figure jumps to 99 percent for executives in Asia. The survey, supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, queried almost […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos
  • Dec 16 2014
    Blog Post The Urban Resilience Summit: Innovation, Investment, Collaboration A version of this article also appeared on the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network. “No single government or organization can go it alone, and 90 percent of executives in the private sector already acknowledge industry’s role in resilience building.” Some of Asia’s most respected business leaders, policymakers and resilience experts came together in Singapore for […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos
  • Sep 24 2014
    Blog Post The Future of Water Calls for More Innovative Community Solutions “As glaciers melt, local people in one community are coming up with innovative ways to find drinking water—fog catching.”  The World Bank reports that a world 7.2 degrees warmer in Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) by the end of the century will be potentially devastating, causing sea levels to rise, higher intensity tropical cyclones, increasing risks […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos
  • Sep 20 2014
    Blog Post How To Beat Rising Dengue Threats Caused by Climate Change In Jakarta, a sprawling megacity of 14 million people, there is growing concern over the threat of dengue fever. Climate change is altering rainfall and temperature patterns. When combined with challenges of urbanization, like poor drainage, this creates the perfect conditions for increasing the incidence of vector-borne disease. “Dengue fever, which affects 50 to 100 […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos
  • Aug 29 2014
    Blog Post The Global Resilience Partnership Kicks Off in Asia Earlier this month, The Rockefeller Foundation announced the $100 million Global Resilience Partnershipwith the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—a bold new vision for building resilience to disasters, food insecurity, and other chronic stresses that contribute to poverty in communities across Africa and Asia. At a press briefing in Asia last week, Ashvin Dayal, […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos