Justine Leigh‐Bell

Director of Market Development, Climate Bonds Initiative

Justine has spent much of her career helping business leaders and governments find solutions to the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development. She has provided advisory services for a number of global institutions and governments across Europe, Africa, India, Indonesia and Latin America. Her areas of focus includes sustainable development in emerging economies, climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies, climate finance, economic valuation and market based instruments for managing natural resource assets. She is currently the Director of Market Development at the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), an investor focused not for profit working to mobilize debt capital markets for climate change solutions. Her primary focus is in the emerging markets where she works closely with both the public and private sector in developing national policy guidelines and investment roadmaps that will enable access to green bond financing. Currently, she leads CBI’s efforts in the Latin America region where market development programs are underway in Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia. Previously, she headed the development of the International Climate Bonds Standard Program, where she worked closely with industry leaders and global experts in establishing a screening tool for investors to easily prioritise climate and green bonds with confidence. Justine has an MSc. in Molecular Science from Yale University and an MSc. in Environmental Economics and Policy from Imperial College, London.

Authored Content

  • Aug 08 2016
    Blog Post Bridging the Climate Finance Gap: Green Bonds   What’s needed? The New Climate Economy report has estimated that USD 90 trillion will be needed for infrastructure investments over the next 15 years1,. To prevent dangerous levels of climate change and catalyse the transition to a low carbon economy—these investments need to be green! “The historic agreement at COP21 in Paris saw countries […] Anna Creed, Justine Leigh-Bell