Jaideep Mukherji

CEO, Smart Power India

Jaideep Mukherji is the CEO of Smart Power India, a Delhi based organization that works with energy service companies, private sector partners, investors, NGOs, and the Indian government to reach the goal of bringing electricity to underserved villages in India.

Authored Content

  • Jan 22 2018
    Blog Post 24x7 Power is About "Access", Not "Electrification" India currently reports 99.4% electrification, yet there are 304 million people who still lack access to electricity according to the recent draft of the National Energy Policy (NEP) issued by the government’s policy thinktank NITI Aayog. How does one resolve this paradox? In most countries, electrification means not only being connected to the grid but […] Jaideep Mukherji
  • Apr 16 2015
    Blog Post Bringing Electricity to Rural Homes and Businesses in India When The Rockefeller Foundation asked me to lead Smart Power India—an organization that aims to deliver a comprehensive solution to the energy needs of unserved and underserved villages—for me it was a continuation of my experience at the nexus of energy access and social impact. In recent years, energy access has been the focus my […] Jaideep Mukherji