Hunter Goldman

Former Director

Hunter Goldman rejoined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2019. As a Director on the Innovation team, he manages special projects and strategic processes, ensuring integration with other teams within the Foundation, as well as external partnerships. Between 2013 and 2017, Hunter served as Senior Program Associate on the Innovation team, where he managed relationships with current and prospective grantees throughout the grantmaking process, coordinated Foundation work with partners, and conducted research in support of the strategic development and execution of Foundation initiatives.

Prior to rejoining Rockefeller, Hunter was a consultant for The Omidyar Network, where he was responsible for sourcing pipeline deals, conducting due diligence, and providing operating support for their Property Rights and Geospatial investment team. He has also served in the office of former New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn as her economic development and Brooklyn community liaison and spent three years at the New York City Economic Development Corporation as an Assistant Vice President for government and community relations, guiding land-use projects through the official public approval process.

Hunter received his Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, with a concentration in Economic and Political Development, and a BA from New York University in Metropolitan Studies and Urban Design.

Authored Content

  • Oct 05 2020
    Blog Post Harnessing the Power of Our Network to Reimagine a Better Post-Covid World: Launching Bellagio Dialogues This year is likely to go down as one of the most significant years of the 21st century in terms of how rapidly society has transformed. The Rockefeller Foundation is prioritizing accelerating an equitable recovery, focusing on near-term responses to the crisis while recognizing that we also have an opportunity to lay the foundations for structural […] Hunter Goldman
  • Jun 25 2020
    Blog Post Seeking Solutions That Lead to Inclusive Growth and Recovery: How We Can Tackle Housing Insecurity through the Power of Data Science We are facing an unprecedented crisis in this country. In addition to the chronic stress that is Covid-19, we have already begun to face the downstream economic impacts as a result of increasing levels of unemployment and food insecurity. While The Rockefeller Foundation has doubled down on its efforts towards mitigating the impact of this […] Hunter Goldman
  • Dec 03 2019
    Blog Post Taking a Human Rights Approach to AI Governance In response to concern about the impact of AI on society companies and civil society organizations have raced to write ethical frameworks to guide the development and use of these powerful new tools. Researchers at ETH Zurich’s Health Ethics & Policy Lab found that over 80 distinct AI ethics frameworks have been proposed in just […] Evan Tachovsky, Hunter Goldman
  • Oct 08 2019
    Blog Post We’re Designing a Responsible AI Future Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology is transforming the way humans interact and society operates. As the development of AI accelerates, many of us see the need for a movement that ensures we harness AI’s benefits and mitigate its risks. To explore these questions and start identifying solutions, The Rockefeller Foundation has designed A Month of AI […] Hunter Goldman, Zia Khan