Hobie Hunter

Launch Strategy Manager, Generation USA

Hobie Hunter serves as a Launch Strategy Manager with Generation USA, a startup that prepares, guides, and supports people for life-changing careers. He focuses on launching new programs and driving expansions into new cities. Previously, he led Generation’s impact hiring work in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation.

Before his time with Generation, Hobie worked as a strategy consultant with Dalberg Advisors, a strategic advisory firm focused on emerging and frontier markets. He holds a B.A. in Economics and History from Emory University.

Authored Content

  • Sep 14 2020
    Blog Post Impact Hiring: Six Lessons to Shift Toward a Fairer Labor Market The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with calls for greater workplace equity, has resulted in a moment of reckoning for the American labor market. While overall unemployment rates hover around 10%, just below the peak unemployment rate for the Great Recession, workers of color continue to face increased challenges. Black workers face unemployment rates almost 5 percentage […] Erin Leyson, Hobie Hunter