Heather Grady

Former Vice President, Foundation Initiatives

Authored Content

  • Nov 18 2013
    Blog Post Harnessing the Power of Networks to Help Businesses and Improve Lives in Africa In response to the growing problem of youth unemployment in Africa, The Rockefeller Foundation launched its newest Initiative, Digital Jobs Africa in May 2013. The effort aims to impact at least a million lives across six countries in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco and Egypt by generating digital employment for disadvantaged youth—improving their lives, […] Heather Grady
  • Nov 12 2013
    Blog Post 8 Powerful Lessons On Building Networks Last week I attended the annual Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) Conference and spoke at a session on Leadership in Action. My remarks focused on how to apply the power of networks to our newest Rockefeller Foundation Initiative, launched in May 2013, called Digital Jobs Africa. In recent years we have evaluated several of our […] Heather Grady
  • Sep 11 2013
    Blog Post Global Youth Economic Opportunities They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even better, so I’m going to show you a brief video clip about The Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa initiative. I want to share with you a bit more background about why we launched this Digital Jobs Africa initiative. I have to admit that […] Heather Grady
  • Jul 09 2013
    Blog Post Building Resilient Cities Much of the Rockefeller Foundation’s in-depth learning on resilience has come from our Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network, also known as ACCCRN, which supports city-wide strategies, and specific investments that advance physical, social, and community resilience against rapid urbanization and climate change. Starting with 10 cities in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, and now […] Heather Grady
  • Jul 03 2013
    Blog Post Three Trends Shaping the Future of Food Security For decades, the Rockefeller Foundation has recognized and addressed the link between food and population, and with the inexorable growth of cities, both in terms of population and land area, our work has taken a sharper focus on the nexus between cities and agriculture. Indeed, we see this intersection as mission-critical to our dual goals […] Heather Grady