Guy Halfteck

CEO, Knack

Guy Halfteck, founder & CEO of Knack grew up in Israel, where he served as a ship vice-commander in the Navy. He later studied law, economics, and game theory at the Hebrew University, Columbia, and Harvard. He started Knack after getting turned down for an early-career leadership program at a top New York hedge fund. That experience led Guy to look for a better way to showcase one’s talent than the traditional credentials, pedigree, and interviews. Going back to his notes from a game theory class he took at Harvard, he realized that they held the key to solving this problem. Building on these insights, Guy brought together a team that included people from game design, computer graphics, psychology and computational neuroscience, software engineering, and machine learning to develop a technology that uncovers people’s hidden talents and matches them with the right education and job opportunities—all through mobile games.

Authored Content

  • Mar 31 2016
    Blog Post How Mobile Games Can Help You Identify Your Next Great Employee Those of a certain age probably heard it time and again while growing up: “Video games will rot your brain.” You definitely didn’t hear parents telling their kids that video games would help them land the right job in the future. “Using games to discover hidden potential and to match talent with jobs is quickly […] Abigail Carlton, Guy Halfteck