Gregory Johnson

Former Managing Director

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  • Jul 16 2021
    Blog Post Corporate America: It’s Not Too Late to Honor Your Racial Justice Pledges Last summer, following George Floyd’s murder and Black Lives Matter protests nationwide American corporations committed $50 billion toward advancing racial equity. And yet, as Fortune reported last month, a year later only $250 million has in fact been spent or obligated to a specific initiative. Some of those funds, household-name corporations assured us at the time, would be donated to civil rights […] Gregory Johnson
  • May 27 2021
    Blog Post 100 Years Since the Tulsa Race Massacre, A Moral and Economic Imperative Remains I was in eighth grade when I first learned about the terror inflicted on the lively and prosperous community of Tulsa’s Greenwood District in 1921. I held back tears then, but I couldn’t earlier this month as I listened to Viola Ford Fletcher, now 107, testifying before Congress about that night. Her quiet dignity made […] Gregory Johnson
  • Dec 03 2020
    EEO Changing the Landscape Through Access to Capital Small businesses are struggling to recover from Covid-19, and Black-owned businesses are among the hardest hit. Further complicating the recovery for these businesses is the fact that they typically have the hardest time gaining access to capital. Literally, landscapes will be changed, and communities left struggling unless avenues and methods for increasing access to capital […]
  • Oct 01 2020
    Blog Post Understanding the Census: An Inaccurate Count Will Lead to a Decade of Injustice In 2010 and 2011, while working with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, I provided census and redistricting training workshops to coalitions of mostly experienced activist grassroots community organizations in 19 states. What we learned was that in not a single instance had these assertive, creative, really smart folks understood the connection of census or redistricting to their electoral […] Gregory Johnson
  • Sep 06 2019
    EEO Greg Johnson on Opportunity Zones We’re focused on creating and scaling Impact Through Innovation. Greg Johnson shares how data analyses can help drive private investment to benefit low-wage workers living in Opportunity Zones.