George Serafeim

Professor, Harvard Business School and Senior Partner, KKS Advisors

George Serafeim is the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a co-founder and senior partner of KKS. He has taught courses in the MBA and doctoral programs, chaired Executive Education programs, written more than 100 articles and business cases, and presented his research in more than 100 conferences and seminars. Professor Serafeim’s work focuses on accounting, finance and strategic management. He has published numerous articles in the top tier academic and practitioner journals including the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Finance, Management Science, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Harvard Business Review. His work often appears in media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Economist, and NPR. He has extensive experience as a senior adviser of investment managers and corporations around the world and as a board member in both the non-profit and private sectors.

Authored Content

  • Dec 06 2016
    Blog Post Advancing Ecosystem Valuation and Economic Development Nature’s goods and services—e.g., food, raw materials, water flows, soil productivity, and a stable climate—underpin all human and economic activity. Despite broad recognition of this fact, our economic systems does not yet adequately account for nature’s value. That may be changing. From the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change to the Sustainable Development […] George Serafeim, Katie Eulitt, Sakis Kotsantonis