Geoffrey Ducanes

Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Ateneo De Manila University, the Philippines

Authored Content

  • Jan 25 2021
    Blog Post Mind the Remote Learning Gap in ASEAN As the prospect of the pandemic’s end appears in sight, however many months away it may be, it is timely to shift the focus to some of its other impacts, particularly those that could do long-term damage to societies and economies. Of those, the impact on education looms large. The pandemic has extracted a heavy […] Geoffrey Ducanes, Lim Cher Ping, Nicola Nixon, Pitchanuch Supavanich
  • Jan 25 2021
    Blog Post A Crisis Waiting to Happen: Unemployment and Informality in Southeast Asia During COVID It is quite evident that the pandemic has exacerbated many existing negative trends. From rising income inequalities to what is now a gaping digital divide, Covid-19 has laid bare pre-existing weaknesses in governance and social protection provision in Southeast Asia, as much as globally. However, one  weakness that has received far less attention than it […] Deepali Khanna, Geoffrey Ducanes, Nicola Nixon, Pitchanuch Supavanich
  • Jan 22 2021
    Blog Post Displaced, Stranded, Unprotected: ASEAN’s Migrant Workers Since March, the pandemic has severely disrupted travel across the ASEAN region. In an effort to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, governments in many regions including ASEAN countries implemented a wide range of travel restriction measures. Travel restriction coincided with millions of migrants losing their jobs in their host countries. The sheer scale […] Geoffrey Ducanes, Nicola Nixon, Puja Dutta