Gavin Weale

Founder, Livity Africa

Gavin Weale is an award-winning social entrepreneur and publisher from the UK. In 2010, Gavin won the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award for his work on Live Magazine UK, which brought him to South Africa, leading to the development of the idea to replicate the project in South Africa. In early 2011, he was awarded a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship and moved to Cape Town.

He has since been responsible for launching Livity Africa as a social enterprise operating across South Africa. In 2013, Gavin was awarded a third year of Shuttleworth Fellowship and launched a new office in Johannesburg, in partnership with the British Council.

In 2014, Livity Africa launched the VIP Campaign, a major democratic engagement campaign via its channels with funding from Omidyar, Making All Voices Count and the Indigo Trust, aimed at creating a mass movement of youth taking over the political agenda and interacting with government and parliament. Livity Africa’s other major project is a digital skills accelerator program in partnership with Google, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the British Council.

Authored Content

  • Nov 12 2015
    Blog Post Rapidly Growing Digital Economies Offer Opportunity for South African Youth In a small boardroom in downtown Johannesburg, 20 young South Africans are making a racket. Hip-hop is blaring, they’re sitting and chatting and surfing the web, surrounded by a mess of laptops and coffee cups. Walk in and you would guess it’s a college common room between classes–informal, caffeine-infused, and spirited. In reality, this hothouse […] Gavin Weale, Wairimu Kagondu