Evan Tachovsky

Former Director & Lead Data Scientist

Authored Content

  • Mar 28 2022
    Blog Post Putting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations First: Collaborating to Address AI Bias Artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine learning is used in myriad ways across the public and private sectors. It can serve as a tool to solve a wide range of societal problems, such as preventing homelessness, improving agricultural capacity, or combating pathogens. However, a critical challenge facing these tools is AI bias, an issue that can lead […] Evan Tachovsky, Terrell Seabrooks
  • Apr 15 2021
    Blog Post Reimagining Technology as a Community-Driven Process to Expand Vaccine Access The rate of daily vaccinations continues to increase throughout the United States, but communities are struggling to vaccinate hard-to-reach residents. When vaccine roll-out began in January, 55% of Americans did not even know where they would receive a vaccine. Today, a lack of access to technology continues to undermine access to vaccine appointments, particularly older […] Evan Tachovsky, Grayson Wiles
  • Jul 14 2020
    Blog Post Announcing the Lacuna Fund: Closing Data Gaps to Enable Equitable Machine Learning Over a decade into the AI revolution bias remains a pernicious problem. From medical recommendation systems that allocate less care to Black people to human resource algorithms that are biased against women it can often feel like we’re trapped in a cycle of hype then harm. As scientists scramble to build machine learning tools to […] Chukwudi Onike, Evan Tachovsky, Madeline Lisaius
  • Jun 09 2020
    Blog Post Anticipating Humanitarian Crises in the Age of Covid-19 Before Covid-19 struck, nearly 168 million people worldwide needed humanitarian assistance to survive. The pandemic has increased the number of vulnerable people worldwide and has compounded risk for countries already experiencing food shortages, conflicts, and economic hardship. Predictive models can help us anticipate the trajectory of these compounding crises and speed response. To accelerate predictive […] Evan Tachovsky, Megan Linquiti
  • Dec 03 2019
    Blog Post Taking a Human Rights Approach to AI Governance In response to concern about the impact of AI on society companies and civil society organizations have raced to write ethical frameworks to guide the development and use of these powerful new tools. Researchers at ETH Zurich’s Health Ethics & Policy Lab found that over 80 distinct AI ethics frameworks have been proposed in just […] Evan Tachovsky, Hunter Goldman