Evan O’Donnell

Former Strategy Associate

Authored Content

  • Jun 30 2015
    Blog Post The Human Experience of Post-Harvest Loss It’s no surprise that when we develop new work at The Rockefeller Foundation, we look for ways to integrate the voices of beneficiaries and stakeholders. Without taking into account their perspectives, we believe we are far less likely to find solutions that are effective and sustainable. Indeed, we have found that the process of co-creating […] Evan O'Donnell
  • Jun 10 2015
    Blog Post Applying a Systems Approach to Marine Conservation At The Rockefeller Foundation, we take a systems approach to our work. This means we try to understand how different actors operate together and the different incentives that drive them, so that we can identify what types of interventions can most powerfully “re-wire” the system to operate differently and toward better outcomes. We believe this […] Evan O'Donnell