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  • Oct 24 2013
    Blog Post Will Floods Cost Coastal Cities $1 Trillion a Year by 2050? A version of this post originally appeared in The Resilience Blog. Take rising seas, sinking land, and more damaging storms. Combine worldwide with growing populations and economies in coastal cities. Together they add up to an increasing annual bill for flood damages. With climate change intensifying, how much could this cost cities every year by […] Emily Gertz
  • Oct 13 2013
    Blog Post Slumdog Urbanism The following was cross-posted at “Contested Urbanism in Dharavi: Writings and Projects for the Resilient City” is a fascinating look at how some of India’s – perhaps the world’s – poorest urban residents seem to be successfully resisting the powerful political and financial interests that would like to raze their neighborhood, scatter its residents, and […] Emily Gertz