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Elizabeth Yee

Chief of Staff, President's Office, The Rockefeller Foundation

As the Chief of Staff, Liz is the President’s strategic partner and works with the entire senior leadership team to ensure advancement towards The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission, vision, and objectives.  Prior to her current role, Liz served as Managing Director, Climate and Resilience, and continues to oversee this portfolio.

Prior to joining the Foundation in 2019, Ms. Yee spent five years as a Vice President at 100 Resilient Cities working with member cities on the implementation of their resilience initiatives.  She worked directly with cities to redesign budgets to support resilience project implementation, partnered with public and private sector entities to develop new financial products, and created a multi-industry Partner Network to support member cities’ resilience development and implementation efforts.

In addition, Ms. Yee spent more than 20 years in capital markets and public finance at Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Barclays. She has more than $30 billion of project finance experience, having developed, structured and executed transactions including the financing of energy distribution and generation assets, roads, water and sewer, solid waste facilities, not-for-profit hospitals, and has worked on innovative finance solutions including tax-equity flip structures, commodities and interest rate hedges, catastrophe bonds and pension financing solutions. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Authored Content

  • Jun 08 2020
    Blog Post Should We Use Covid-19 to Respond to the Climate Emergency? There are two sharply divergent views about the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for global efforts to tackle climate change. Some policy experts and activists believe we must deprioritize climate action, while others take the view that this moment presents a unique – and perhaps final – window of opportunity to set the world on […] Elizabeth Yee, Joseph Curtin
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    Blog Post Urban Resilience Infrastructure: an Imperative in a Climate Uncertain World Regardless of climate, infrastructure is a basic need for human survival.  By definition, infrastructure is the “basic physical and organizational structure needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.”  Infrastructure is intended to provide communities with shelter, and serve as an engine to support continued economic growth.  But the world’s infrastructure is broken.  Despite […]
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