Durva Trivedi

Former Senior Associate

Durva Trivedi is a Senior Associate on the Innovation, Data and Technology team. She works on grants and partnerships focused on digital transformation of governments aiming to support people and communities with better delivery of public goods, services and infrastructure. She is especially interested in questions of human impact and the ethical design of government technology platforms.

Previously, she supported The Rockefeller Foundation’s work on innovation, technology for social good, and science as a Project 55 Fellow. Prior to joining the Foundation, Durva studied at Princeton University, where she majored in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and earned a certificate in South Asian Studies. In her coursework and independent research, she focused on international development, communication policy, and gender studies. She has also worked at AWARE, a women’s rights advocacy NGO in Singapore, Innovations for Successful Societies, a social science research center in Princeton, and the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a nonprofit network organization in Washington D.C.

Authored Content

  • Mar 27 2020
    Blog Post For Social Services, Operating Digitally Is Critical to Covid-19 Resilience Over three million workers filed new claims for unemployment insurance in the United States this past week, representing a record-breaking surge in economic need as the COVID-19 pandemic forced families into seclusion. Even as the need grew, the pandemic forced government and private social services to close their offices, disrupting the normal channels people use […] Durva Trivedi, Kevin O'Neil
  • Jan 31 2020
    Impact Through Innovation Durva Trivedi on Data Science for Social Impact We’re creating #ImpactThroughInnovation by supporting grantees like the Benefits Data Trust, who’ve helped millions of low-income US families access the safety net benefits available to them through the power of data. Durva Trivedi shares how #DataDrivesImpact.
  • Dec 10 2019
    Blog Post Unlocking the Power of Open Source for Government Digital goods — a video, a song, a book, a network configuration, etc. —  can be duplicated an unlimited number of times at near-zero marginal cost. This is what economists call “non-rivalry.” A digital good need only be created once, and every subsequent sale brings nearly pure profit. Non-rivalry has led to some previously unimaginable […] Durva Trivedi, Kevin O'Neil
  • Oct 21 2019
    Blog Post The Social Safety Net Gets an Upgrade from Benefits Data Trust Data science has transformed the ways we make, invest and spend our money, consume information, and conduct our lives in the modern economy. But now it’s time for data science to improve the ways we take care of one another, starting with our social safety net. We’re excited to be supporting the Benefit Data Trust […] Durva Trivedi, Kevin O'Neil
  • Mar 04 2019
    Blog Post The Gender Gap in Innovation and How to Break the Digital Ceiling International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the great progress made by women in tech innovating at the frontiers of global development. But as we take stock of how far we have come, it is important to keep in sight how far we have to go, and the systemic and digital barriers female innovators […] Durva Trivedi, Sarah Sakha