Daniel Paffenholz

Chief Executive Officer, Taka Taka Solutions

Daniel Paffenholz is the CEO of Taka Taka Solutions. He began his career in banking and redirected his path to tackle waste management in Kenya. Having grown up in Kenya he related with the health and environmental problems caused by poor waste management systems.

Daniel as a waste management professional is focused on trying to change the way people think about waste and change the current situation for the better. Founded in 2011, Taka Taka Solutions collect waste from households, businesses, and factories, sort the waste, and recycle.  With Daniel’s leadership and a formidable team of three hundred staff, Taka Taka  Solutions are able to achieve one of the highest recycling rates in the world – at 95%! Daniel has an educational background in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

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  • Jun 11 2020
    Blog Post How Kenya Plans to Safely Dispose of Waste During the Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 has reached Kenya, with more than 3,000 cases recorded as of June 10, 2020. Since the first case was confirmed on March 13, Kenya has taken multiple steps to stem the spread of the virus: instituting a nationwide curfew, isolating the Nairobi Metropolitan Area and three coastal counties, introducing various hygiene measures such as […] Daniel Paffenholz, Kagwiria Koome