Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio

Former Sr. Associate Director

Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio worked at The Rockefeller Foundation 2007-2015. As a Senior Associate Director, Dr. Rumbaitis del Rio helped develop the Foundation’s initiatives regarding building resilience for poor and vulnerable people who will be affected by climate change.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Dr. Rumbaitis del Rio was a post-doctoral fellow conducting research on sustainable development at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. She also did policy research for the United Nations Environmental Program, the U.S. Department of State, and other institutions. She was a recipient of the 1996 National Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service and a Mass Media Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement Science.

Rumbaitis del Rio received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University. She also has a Doctoral degree in Ecology from the University of Colorado.

Authored Content

  • Jun 16 2015
    Blog Post When Disasters Strike Twice Like many people across the world, we at The Rockefeller Foundation have been captivated by the news coming out of Nepal. We were truly saddened by the reports of new deaths, damage, and suffering caused by the April 25th earthquake, the strong aftershocks and second earthquake that followed, and the landslides and flooding that has ensued with the […] Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio
  • May 01 2015
    Blog Post Ecosystems and the Resilience Dividend As a city’s ability prepare for, withstand, and bounce back from acute shocks and chronic stresses, urban resilience depends strongly on a healthy ecosystem. In fact, one of the many resilience dividends comes from revaluing the role that nature plays in promoting economic and social well-being. As outlined in the City Resilience Framework, a resilient […] Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio
  • Apr 22 2015
    Blog Post Revaluing Ecosystems: Earth Day and Beyond Today, on the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970, over a billion people around the world are taking action to protect the planet. In China, a hiking group is cleaning up a part of the Great Wall. In Lagos, environmentalists plan to teach their fellow citizens about the importance of cutting carbon emissions. Here at The Rockefeller […] Anna Brown, C.D. Glin, Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio, Frederick Boltz, Judith Rodin
  • Apr 01 2015
    Report Securing the Livelihoods and Nutritional Needs of Fish-Dependent Communities The Rockefeller Foundation marks its 100th year in 2013. The Foundation’s mission, unchanged since 1913, is to promote the well-being of humankind throughout the world. During the course of its history, the Foundation has supported the ingenuity of innovative thinkers and actors by providing the resources, networks, convening power, and technologies to move innovation from […] Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio
  • Mar 24 2015
    Blog Post Water and the World SHARE THIS By 2030 global water demand is expected to exceed current supply by 40 percent. SHARE THIS California is in its fourth year of drought – how can we balance the demand for fresh water? SHARE THIS Eradicating human poverty and hunger depend fundamentally on water security.   Fresh water is vital to human […] Cristina Rumbaitis Del Rio, Frederick Boltz