Carrie Schum

Executive Vice President, Hattaway Communications

Carrie is an account planner and brand strategist who focuses on matching deep audience insight with communications execution. She is always looking for the “why” behind how people think and act, then connecting that knowledge with breakthrough execution that changes perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors. She leads our work for the Center for Advancing the American Dream, building their brand identity and social media profile, and also is leading narrative development for the Kendeda Fund on advancing employee ownership, and helping Trinity Church Wall Street create deeper understanding of their mission. Before joining Hattaway she enjoyed a long career at Porter Novelli, where she worked on everything from food choices to preventative health, consumer goods to taxes to institutional perceptions.  Carrie is always up for a discussion of books, style, or baking, and is a fervent (some say fanatical) follower of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team.

Authored Content

  • Mar 29 2022
    Blog Post Data Helps Us Paint a New Portrait of America—and Ways to Communicate One unfortunate axiom in communications work is: if it bleeds, it leads. Another might be: a divider is a headliner. We have seen this at play throughout the news coverage and social media conversations of the Covid-19 pandemic. Countless examples of unity, community, and mutual understanding in the face of tragedy have been overshadowed by […] Carrie Schum, Estelle Willie