Benjamin de la Peña

Former Associate Director, Foundation Initiatives

Benjamin de la Peña is director of community and national strategy at the Knight Foundation, and the former associate director for urban development at The Rockefeller Foundation.

Authored Content

  • Oct 02 2013
    Blog Post Embracing the Informal City Let’s not romanticize poverty. We live in an unprecedented age of urbanization that has consigned large segments of the population to slums that have no water or electricity or sanitation. Life in these places is hard. Health is precarious, children are at risk and violence is a daily event. Gangs rule many of these neighborhoods, […] Benjamin de la Peña
  • Jul 24 2013
    Blog Post Survey: Investing in Mass Transit Key to Economic Growth and Job Creation As part of the Foundation’s focus on transforming cities, we’re supporting local efforts to build bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in Boston, Chicago, Nashville, and Pittsburgh. We recently funded research that examines voters’ perceptions and attitudes towards mass transit and their support for BRT in all four cities. Announced today, the survey findings illustrate a […] Benjamin de la Peña