Anna Muoio

Specialist Leader, Monitor Institute

Anna is a specialist leader at Monitor Institute, a part of Deloitte Consulting LLP. She has worked at the intersection of business, innovation, and social change for the past 15 years. Anna drives large-scale social change through galvanizing networks around a shared agenda. She has led Aligned Action efforts for New Profit, Skoll Foundation, and VPP. Anna has authored GATHER: The Art and Science of Effective Convening and ENGAGE: How Funders Can Support and Leverage Networks for Social Impact.

Authored Content

  • Nov 28 2016
    Blog Post The Calculus for Commitment: The Power of Involving the Private Sector in Social Impact Networks The importance of engaging the private sector in efforts to address social problems is increasingly apparent. Wicked problems defy single-point solutions, and no single organization or sector working in isolation can solve them. This widespread understanding is matched by a growing number of businesses exploring the integration of social impact into their core strategies. “We’re […] Anna Muoio, Faizal Karmali