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  • Sep 21 2021
    Blog Post A Waste of Watermelon and a Toolkit To Help End Food Loss I grew up in a small farm in eastern Kenya. My family planted various crops, hoping to boost our income. On one occasion, an extension agent brought us some seeds in a sophisticated package. I later learnt from my mother that they were watermelon seeds. “Plant these; they will make you rich,” the extension agent […] Amos Kisilu, Betty Kibaara, Kagwiria Koome
  • Feb 10 2020
    Blog Post Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign: An Innovative Partnership to Increase Consumption of Mangoes in Kenya In January, The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative launched the Komesha Fruit Fly Campaign, a partnership with the Government of Kenya, USAID, Research Triangle Institute and others to support fruit fly control and create pest-free areas to reduce post-harvest losses in mangos. “Komesha” is a Swahili word for stop or destroy. Agriculture is an important subsector […] Amos Kisilu, Betty Kibaara