Amira Bliss

Former Associate Director

Amira Bliss joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. As Associate Director, Mrs. Bliss designed and implemented a strategy to catalyze innovation at the Foundation and in the social sector more broadly. She managed grants and relationships to build innovation capacity through tools like social innovation labs, and by leading programs such as The Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship on Social Innovation. She also led the innovation workstream of the Food Waste and Spoilage initiative, aiming to surface and scale innovative solutions to post-harvest food loss affecting the livelihoods of African smallholder farmers. Mrs. Bliss had previously worked on Foundation initiatives to support more equitable and sustainable transportation—exploring global transportation mobility and accessibility—and developing sustainable employment strategies in the recycling and water management sectors in the United States.

Prior to joining The Rockefeller Foundation, Mrs. Bliss served as the assistant director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP). She has also worked at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF).

Mrs. Bliss received a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and an executive master’s of public policy and administration degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Authored Content

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  • May 20 2015
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