Amanda L. Rose

Senior Program Officer, Global Knowledge Initiative

Amanda L. Rose is a senior program officer for GKI, supporting program design, acting as a lead network facilitator, and managing the organization’s work as a social innovation lab supported by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Authored Content

  • Aug 16 2017
    Blog Post Scaling Agricultural Extension Through Digital Innovation Information and communication technologies (ICTs) – telephones, computers, television, radio, and others – are garnering increased attention for their potential to help scale agricultural extension and training. ICTs offer an impressive capability to share knowledge, connect people across distances, and mobilize resources in ways unimaginable even 10 years ago. However, many ICT for agriculture initiatives […] Amanda Rose, Jones Govereh, Ritse Erumi
  • Aug 09 2017
    Blog Post Improving Traceability in the Mango Value Chain Increasingly, companies that source from smallholder farmers and governments that regulate global food trade require traceability along the value chain. Tracing the movement of a product from producer to the consumer can offer assurances that value chain actors meet strict market standards for food quality and safety, environmental concerns, trade, and labor. It can help […] Amanda Rose
  • Aug 08 2017
    Blog Post More than a Buzz Word: Delivering Innovation with Impact to Reduce Post Harvest Loss in Africa As a term, “innovation” is everywhere. Headlines tout it, commercials advertise it, innumerable companies claim it. It is a term so ubiquitous, it risks becoming meaningless. Indeed, “the overuse and generalization of the term ‘innovation’ has led to a loss of understanding of what it is we need when we say we need more innovation,” […] Amanda Rose
  • Dec 01 2014
    Blog Post Bringing Fresh Solutions to the Challenge of Global Food Security A version of this post originally appeared on the Innovation Labs Insights Center, a joint project of Bridgespan and The Rockefeller Foundation. “Why have the rather simple, globally recognized solutions failed to change the post-harvest loss equation in Sub-Saharan Africa?” In a world where global hunger affects nearly a billion people, approximately one-third of food […] Amanda Rose
  • Apr 07 2014
    Blog Post New Innovations to Reduce Harvest Loss in Africa Approximately one-third of food grown across the world never reaches the plates of consumers. The significant amount of food waste and spoilage occurring across the value chain threatens farmers’ livelihoods; people’s access to nutritious food; and vital, limited resources like land and water. Many promising approaches to reducing food loss exist, including hermetic storage devices, […] Amanda Rose, Sara Farley