Alyson Wise

Former Associate Director

Alyson Wise was an Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation. In this role, she was responsible for collaborating with the organization’s leadership, programmatic staff, and grantees to develop a robust vision for the Foundation’s U.S. Jobs and Economic Opportunity goal. Through discrete projects and strategic integration with the Foundation’s existing initiatives, Alyson worked to animate the organization’s vision and achieve economic inclusion for poor and vulnerable populations across the globe.

Alyson brought over a decade of experience working in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector to advance economic opportunities for people in the United States and abroad. She began her career in the nonprofit sector at Vital Voices Global Partnership, with a focus on gender and development. Through her work in the nonprofit sector, Alyson became passionate about understanding and leveraging the power of philanthropy to build nonprofit organizations’ capacity and achieve social change. She’s gained experience at corporate and private philanthropies, including the Nike Foundation, the Andrus Family Fund, and the Poses Family Foundation.

Alyson received a Masters of Public Administration at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service as a Lisa Goldberg Fellow in Philanthropy and Public Service. She continues to pursue her passion for learning by working with young people to explore the application of social justice values to the practice of philanthropy.

Authored Content

  • Nov 27 2018
    Blog Post Modernizing Tax Credits to Provide True Economic Security Millions of Americans are feeling financial strain from the rising cost of living and stagnant wages. Nearly 40 percent of adults say they had trouble meeting basic needs last year, and more than half say they do not have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency expense. This includes people who are working—often more than […] Alyson Wise, Natalie Foster
  • Sep 24 2018
    Blog Post Cost-Per-Hire Calculator Helps Companies Assess Hiring Expenses The full cost of hiring can be more extensive than you think. Many companies see the importance of both assessing and minimizing their cost-per-hire. Talent managers use this metric to assess costs related to recruitment, onboarding, and training. But what about the indirect costs that are more difficult to calculate, like turnover? Generation, a non-profit […] Alyson Wise, Kat O'Neil, Martha Laboissiere
  • Jul 30 2018
    Blog Post Addressing the $1,000 Problem: Experimentation to Evolve our Social Safety Net Five months ago, The Rockefeller Foundation teamed up with The Workers Lab to launch a design sprint for social change to address the $1,000 problem with a promise to share real-time learning from our work. Over the past few months, we’ve gathered insights on the merits of applying product development methodologies from the tech industry […] Alyson Wise
  • Jun 22 2018
    Blog Post Empowering Local Innovation: The Seeds of Economic Transformation Even as the U.S. economy enjoys one of the longest expansions on record, millions of Americans remain economically vulnerable—one crisis away from economic calamity, unable to access opportunity, and with limited mobility. These challenges are usually approached as national phenomena. We talk about wage growth at the national level and the unemployment rate for the […] Alyson Wise, John Myers, Sandy Davis, Tim Shaw
  • May 30 2018
    Blog Post New Research Sheds Light on Gig and Non-Traditional Workers Today, Commonwealth published new research on workers in the United States who are navigating a new employment landscape of traditional and non-traditional work. While traditional work arrangements yield a W-2, a growing number of non-traditional arrangements do not, including contract, freelance, temp, and gig work. Commonwealth’s research helps us compare the circumstances of individuals engaged […] Alyson Wise