Alex Goldman

Research Manager, Technology Horizons, Institute for the Future

With a background in Videogame Production/Design and Politics, Alex Goldman brings a systems-scale perspective to IFTF by combining an understanding of how complex multi-user environments are designed, experienced, and tested. He is passionate about researching how new ways to organize group efforts, collaborate, cooperate, and compete are solving human problems. In his role with IFTF, Alex conducts strategic research on emerging technologies and how they impact the landscape of human interactions—whether with machines or other human beings.

Alex has a special interest in the future of entertainment, particularly the expanding role of gaming and games-thinking on society. He is also interested in how the interface shapes the experience—in other words, how the changing field of interfaces impacts why and how people use computers and technology. Alex holds a BA in Politics from Brandeis University and a Masters in Entertainment Technology from the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Authored Content

  • Jan 15 2015
    Blog Post Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for Unemployed Youth “The youth unemployment epidemic has no easy solution; the disruptions emerging today can either exacerbate the problem, or we can harness them to improve the lives of young people.” Today, IFTF and The Rockefeller Foundation announce the release of the Future of Youth Employment report. The report offers an in-depth look at the changing nature […] Abigail Carlton, Alex Goldman