Aditya Verma

Practice Director, Everest Group

Aditya Verma, practice director at Everest Group, assists leading global organizations with topics related to global services, industry trends, location optimization, and sourcing strategies.

Authored Content

  • Oct 07 2014
    Blog Post Impact Sourcing At Work: Achieving Social and Financial Impact This is the final blog in a series of three on the topic of impact sourcing. In the first one, I covered the fundamentals of the model and in the second, the value proposition and business case. Now, I’ll share insights on the nature of work it is best suited for and the activities the […] Aditya Verma
  • Sep 26 2014
    Blog Post Why Impact Sourcing Is Good for Businesses and Communities A version of this post also appeared on The Everest Group blog. This blog is the second in a series of three on impact sourcing. In my first post, I gave an introduction to impact sourcing in terms of what it is, its constituents, and why it matters. Now I’ll focus on its value proposition […] Aditya Verma
  • Sep 18 2014
    Blog Post Sherpas in Blue Shirts: The Fundamentals of a Powerful Global Sourcing Model A version of this post also appeared on The Everest Group blog. I recently concluded an engagement on impact sourcing. Did you say, what? That was my first reaction as well when I initially heard about impact sourcing. I knew about other global services constructs—rural sourcing, crowdsourcing—but not impact sourcing. Turns out, I wasn’t alone. […] Aditya Verma