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Protective Foods: USA


By implementing behavior change interventions and incentivizing increased procurement of protective foods at anchor institutions such as healthcare facilities and schools, we can improve the diets of millions low-income individuals within ten years and send significant signals up the supply chain that protective foods are valued and needed.

For example, though fresh produce prescription programs, doctors “prescribe” protective foods to pre-diabetic and diabetic patients who then use prescriptions to purchase those foods at a reduced or no cost. By proving and documenting this business case for a significant sample population with key healthcare partners, we can promote and exponentially scale this and other nutrition-focused programs to increase the consumption of protective foods.

In addition, improved, collective procurement practices by schools will send a strong demand signal for protective foods that also meet production standards related to sustainability and farmer welfare, while complementary behavioral science interventions can significantly increase students’ consumption of the protective foods that are served.


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