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Our Current Efforts

The Rockefeller Foundation Impact Investment Management (IIM) is a bold new step for the Foundation’s impact and sustainable investing work. IIM is an asset management platform that aims to tap into mainstream markets and investors, scaling up investments into promising new finance vehicles that help to close the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) funding gap.

The creation of IIM gives the Foundation the capacity to aggregate and manage capital from like-minded partners to amplify impact in the Foundation’s core programmatic areas—food, health, power, jobs, and innovation—and drive the development of the impact investing field more broadly.

The first anticipated investment on the IIM platform is a $60 million investment partnership between the MacArthur and Rockefeller foundations aimed at scaling the Foundation’s Zero Gap portfolio. This planned partnership will utilize a broad range of investment tools to support the development and launch of new financial products and mechanisms that can mobilize large-scale private capital against the SDGs.

IIM in Action

The Foundation has already closed two transactions under the Zero Gap Investment partnership on the IIM platform, which are currently being warehoused by the Foundation, and has a healthy pipeline of transactions in process.

  • Sixup helps bridge the financial gap preventing individuals from attending four-year colleges by identifying, underwriting and incubating undervalued students – thus creating a new asset class branded as “Future-Prime”.  By leveraging financial innovation alongside technology-enabled student support, Sixup hopes to boost a student’s education and social mobility through the entire lending lifecycle.
    • Impact: The Rockefeller Foundation’s investment is expected to directly support 2,500+ loans to students.
    • Investment: The Rockefeller Foundation provided a $4 million investment alongside Goldman Sachs and other key partners to support the growth and scaling of Sixup’s business model and underlying lending platform.
    • Closed: December 2018
  • The Forest Resilience Bond (FRB) is a special-purpose vehicle that allows private investors to proactively support local forest management by providing upfront working capital to organizations like the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and local utilities. Developed by Blue Forest Conservation, the FRB helps overcome the estimated $60 billion need for forest restoration work in the United States and mitigates the dangers of overgrown forests, including wildfires and degradation of water supplies. Private investors are repaid principal and interest through reimbursable grants from state governments and cost-sharing agreements with local investment-grade utility companies.
    • Impact: First pilot project launched in 2018 in Tahoe National Forest to enhance the resilience of 15,000 acres of high-value forest.
    • Investment: The Rockefeller Foundation provided a $1 million investment as well as a $950,000 grant to Blue Forest Conservation; other investors and key partners include the Moore Foundation, U.S. Forest Service, Yuba County Water Agency, National Forest Foundation, World Resources Institute, Calvert Impact Capital, and CSAA Insurance Group.
    • Closed: October 2018


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