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Food System Vision Prize 2050

Designing a nourishing food future for 2050


The Food System Vision Prize invites organizations from around the world to create compelling and progressive visions of the world’s system by 2050. A prize of $2 million will be distributed among the winners.

Humanity has more knowledge, technology, social intelligence, and human capacity than ever before,all of which can be harnessed to create a food system that nourishes all people, grows the global economy, and protects a thriving environment. Despite this great potential, we have yet to see a credible and inspiring vision for our future food system that can ignite a movement toward positive change. We are launching the Food System Vision Prize 2050 inviting organizations, universities, institutions, companies, cooperatives and partnerships from around the world to create and realize concrete and actionable Visions of food systems that deliver sustainable, nourishing diets by 2050. The Vision Prize, powered by SecondMuse and OpenIDEO, will amplify the discourse on the state and the future of the world’s many food systems, and will empower communities globally to develop actionable solutions and become protagonists in their own food future.

Open submissions accepted from October 29, 2019 – January 31, 2020.  Join us!

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