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Data Science for Social Impact is a new model for collaborative philanthropy to build and accelerate the use of data science to solve important social challenges. The Data Science for Social Impact funders are proud to identify and invest in a pipeline of diverse opportunities—from catalyzing the availability of data, tools, talent, and resources from the public and private sectors, to amplifying the ability of governments and social and civic organizations to generate economic opportunity for those they serve. By leveraging The Rockefeller Foundation’s leadership in social impact and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth’s innovative approaches to building new pathways for financial inclusion among governments, businesses, and communities, the collaborative will empower a new generation of social sector leaders to solve challenges with scalable solutions.

A Plan to Build the Field and Advance Social Impact with Data Science

  • Capacity & Leadership: Connecting talent to needs and creating data science solutions for social impact issues, such as community health work and inclusive growth, as well as highlighting thought leadership and supporting organizational change.
  • Tools & Data: Investing in tools and analytics to give the social and civic sector actionable insights to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Policy & Governance: Developing research to help data science and domain experts define problems that data can help solve, and identifying solutions to the challenges of data governance and the responsible use of data.

The Data Science for Social Impact funders are proud to invest in projects and activities that advance the field including:

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