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RockyTalks is a new program featuring the Rockefeller Foundation Fellows as they share more about the critical and groundbreaking questions they are tackling through their Fellowships. The first cohort of Fellows launched in 2018 to provide proven social change leaders with the opportunity to advance their next visionary idea. Tune into a RockyTalk below and look for more talks throughout 2019 exploring the new frontiers of neuroscience, pandemic preparedness and global governance. To learn more about RockyTalks or the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, including how to apply or nominate someone, contact us at

Recent Talks

Alexa: Solve Systemic Inequality

Artificial intelligence is starting to rapidly change the world. How can we ensure that this change is for the better – and not, as many people fear – a danger for humanity as a whole? Watch Now »

Development Begins At Home

The United States is the richest country in the world – yet across the country, there are deep pockets of persistent poverty. What can be done to turn these communities around? Are there lessons to be learned from how the international community helped lift people out of poverty in post-Soviet Eastern Europe or through aid and investment in Africa? Watch Now »

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