Data available on Covid-19 testing resources have been evolving rapidly since the onset of the pandemic. This set of interactive dashboards provides users with a mechanism to sort and filter three separate databases using key product features (including diagnostic target, platform type, sensitivity, specificity, time to results, throughput, etc.). While they function in a similar manner, the selection and sort criteria vary depending upon which of the three databases is being viewed: tests, swabs, or equipment.

The dashboards have similar interactive functionality. At the bottom of the page is a table that displays the database records, at the top are graphs that enable the user to set filters based upon different categories of data. Because the database of tests has the most detailed metadata, the last field is a hyperlink that will let you display a complete record in form, rather than tabular view. Other hyperlinks in the table will lead the user to detailed specifications of the tests, swabs or equipment on the manufacturer’s site.

The data contained in the Dashboards on this site have been compiled from public data sources, key informant interviews, as well as Arizona State University’s Testing Commons.

Testing, Swab, and Equipment Dashboards

  • Testing Dashboard

    This is an interactive dashboard displaying information about Covid-19 tests.
  • Swab Dashboard

    This is an interactive dashboard displaying data about Covid-19 testing swabs.
  • Equipment Dashboard

    This is an interactive dashboard displaying data about Covid-19 testing equipment.



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