Apr 18 2022
Alexis Feeney Tallman
Alexis Feeney Tallman joined The Rockefeller Foundation in April 2022 as Director of Global Covid-19 Response and Recovery where she leads cross-functional workstreams to execute the Foundation’s Global Vaccination Initiative …
Apr 11 2022
Kathryn Bolles
persons around the world are able to receive full vaccination against Covid-19 and ultimately end the pandemic. Kathryn, who joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2022, brings over 25 years of experience …
Jun 01 2021
Bruce Gellin, MD, MPH
Bruce Gellin, MD, MPH, is the Chief of Global Public Health Strategy for The Rockefeller Foundation’s pandemic prevention initiative. In this role, he advances the development and execution of the …
Apr 28 2021
Megan Diamond
Megan Diamond is a Manager on the Covid-19 Response & Recovery team, where she leads the wastewater surveillance portfolio. Over the past year, Megan has drawn on her experience in …