Piloting Resilient, Renewable Mini Grids for Puerto Rico

The Challenge

Resilience and power for critical facilities

In 2017 Hurricane Maria left the entire Island without electricity and affected the majority of hospitals, health clinics, and 70 percent of its potable water treatment and distribution systems.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his father, Luis Miranda, Jr., and Puerto Rico’s first lady Beatriz Roselló join the RF staff for a walking tour and coffee tasting to support the island’s coffee industry after Hurricane Maria.

Partnering for Impact

The Rockefeller Foundation and partner organizations including Rocky Mountain Institute, The Community Foundation of Puerto Rico, and Resilient Power Puerto Rico have come together to accelerate a project that will develop resilient energy infrastructure for Puerto Rico. By empowering local communities and stakeholders to deploy renewable energy mini grids, we are activating a decentralized energy strategy that will help ensure the continuous operation of vital health, emergency, social, and economic services during and after major disruptions.

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