Dec 18 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Meet BronxConnect, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: BronxConnect utilizes asset-based mentoring to connect court-involved and high-risk youth and young adults with positive local community resources.
Dec 18 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Meet CASA, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: Since 1985, CASA has worked tirelessly to bring immigrant and working class communities out of the shadows and into greater power, …
Dec 17 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
South Carolina Community Loan Fund
Meet the South Carolina Community Loan Fund, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: SC Community Loan Fund provides loans and technical assistance to organizations that seek to strengthen the social …
Dec 16 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Project QUEST | Communities Thrive Challenge Grantee
Meet Project QUEST, Inc., one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: Project Quest is a workforce intermediary with a 26-year history of helping people living and working in San Antonio, …
Dec 16 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Onward Financial
Meet Onward Financial, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: Based in Kansas City, MO, Onward help low-to-moderate income workers save, build financial literacy, and access responsible credit.
Dec 15 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Meet Montana Community Development Corporation (MoFi), one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: MoFi provides financing and consulting to entrepreneurs & small business owners across the Northern Rockies, as well as …
Dec 14 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
The Industrial Commons
Meet The Industrial Commons, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: They provide resources and support to firms, networks, and workers in industrial western North Carolina, aiming to improve livelihoods and …
Dec 10 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Coalfield Development Corporation
Meet Coalfield Development Corporation, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: Coalfield is working to promote a diversified economy in counties where, for a considerable time, coal was a singular …
Dec 07 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Benefits Data Trust
Meet Benefits Data Trust, one of our 10 grantees for the #CommunitiesThriveChallenge: Since its inception, Benefits Data Trust has secured over $7 billion in benefits and services that help individuals and …
Dec 04 2018
Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Announcing the Communities Thrive Challenge Grantees
Congratulations to the 10 grantees of the Communities Thrive Challenge! We, along with our partner, the Rockefeller Foundation, are humbled by the overwhelming response to this challenge: The final 10 grantees were …