Awarded Oct 23-2023
African Capacity Building Foundation 2023
in support of identifying a qualified candidate to lead the African School of Regulation, a center for learning and research for achieving sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy for the African continent
    Awarded Oct 31-2023
    Rocky Mountain Institute/RMI 2023
    in support of testing, developing, and piloting a scalable solution that would result in the decarbonization of coal-fired power plants in Vietnam and Indonesia that are planned or under construction
      Awarded Aug 29-2023
      Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation 2023
      in support of generating narratives and media training for entertainment professionals that establishes the impact of climate change on underserved children’s health and development
        Awarded Sep 18-2023
        Clean Air Task Force 2023
        toward the costs of hosting a series of events highlighting clean energy initiatives and regional energy transition strategies in developing economies at COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in December 2023
          Awarded May 29-2023
          FIRST Global 2023
          in general support of its mission to inspire leadership and innovation in youth from all nations by empowering them through education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
            Awarded Jun 23-2023
            NREL Foundation 2023
            in support of launching and operationalizing Net Zero World, a United States Government climate initiative, in priority markets across Asia and Africa
              Awarded Aug 25-2023
              New Venture Fund 2023
              in support of a landscaping study on the application of data science to climate challenges, to mitigate climate change which impacts all but particularly the most disadvantaged communities