Awarded Nov 18-2022
The Energy for Growth Hub 2022
in support of developing a plan to advance Africa-led, equitable transitions to zero emissions energy systems.
    Awarded Nov 16-2022
    to support research to develop a methodology for assessing the investment conditions of the clean power sector in developing countries
      Awarded Nov 27-2022
      Climate Smart Ventures 2022
      in support of the formation and coordination of a working group composed of research and technical partners to scope transitioning the Philippines' energy system from coal to clean energy
        Awarded Sep 01-2022
        European University Institute 2022
        for use by its Florence School of Regulation toward the costs of creating the African School of Regulation (ASR), a new school to develop, teach and disseminate sound energy regulation and policy in Africa
          Awarded Dec 21-2021
          RF Catalytic Capital, Inc. 2021
          toward the costs of launching and operationalizing its efforts to harness the full potential of green energy to create a more sustainable and equitable world