Awarded Nov 21-2023
The Robert A. Toigo Foundation 2023
in general support of advancing education and outreach for students interested in studying finance at the MBA level.
    Awarded Nov 16-2023
    Sponsors for Educational Opportunity 2023
    in support of providing training and coaching to finance professionals from underrepresented communities to cultivate a more diverse base of Investment Fund Managers.
      Awarded Nov 15-2023
      WETA 2023
      in support of "America at a Crossroads" programming to better understand Americans’ hopes, fears, frustrations, sense of cultural identity and place, and what they want out of government
        Awarded Oct 25-2023
        Howard University 2023
        in general support of its mission to provide a world-class global educational experience to every student.
          Awarded Nov 21-2023
          Fwdus Education Fund Inc 2023
          in support of The National Dignity for Families Fund to support humanitarian response to asylum seekers.
            Awarded Nov 16-2023
            FIRST Global 2023
            in support of the 2023 FIRST Global Challenge, a youth-focused robotics competition in Singapore
              Awarded Nov 16-2023
              Paris Peace Forum 2023
              In support of convening the 6th Annual Paris Peace Forum, an innovative, multi-stakeholder exchange on urgent issues including global financing, climate, food security, and global health.
                Awarded Nov 14-2023
                National University of Singapore 2023
                for use by its Institute for Environment and Sustainability in support of the policy design capacity building to assist policymakers in Southeast Asia to develop durable policies accelerating action toward achieving target national climate outcomes
                  Awarded Oct 09-2023
                  Global Alliance of Impact Networks 2023
                  toward the cost of strengthening the Global South Impact Community by elevating member voices on inclusive development, sustainable finance, and South-to-South knowledge sharing
                    Awarded Oct 11-2023
                    Mahidol University 2023
                    in support of developing environmentally-friendly agricultural practices to help stimulate the economy and combat challenges resulting from climate change in communities in Thailand