Awarded Dec 06-2022
The Communications Network 2022
In support of managing The Frank Karel/Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship to provide nonprofit communications leaders free attendance to its annual ComNet conference
    Awarded Jan 26-2023
    Global Fairness Initiative 2023
    in support of building resilience to heat waves in women and their communities in order to improve health outcomes and livelihoods.
      Awarded Jan 25-2023
      The Aspen Institute 2023
      toward the costs of its Aspen Strategy Group’s security forums, convenings and rising leaders program to facilitate conversations addressing the critical implications of climate change and the global food crisis on impoverished communities
        Awarded Dec 16-2022
        Council on Foundations Inc. 2022
        in general support of its mission to expand trust in philanthropic organizations as they work to address society's most pressing challenges.
          Awarded Dec 08-2022
          Give Foundation Inc. 2022
          in general support of its mission to raise and distribute funding to charitable organizations doing work on the ground in India.
            Awarded Dec 12-2022
            Stanford University 2022
            for use by its Deliberative Democracy Lab in support of an online deliberative poll of Tunisians on social and economic issues
              Awarded Nov 15-2022
              New Venture Fund 2022
              for use by its Trusted Elections Fund project to provide rapid response grants at both the state and national levels to support rapid response work to protect the integrity of the 2022 elections and ensure disenfranchised voters have access to and confidence in the voting process.
                Awarded Nov 23-2022
                Eurasia Group 2022
                in support of work to advance the understanding of the evolving geopolitical landscape so that philanthropic and development organizations can adapt their funding to maintain relevance and strengthen impact
                  Awarded Nov 25-2022
                  Catholic Charities USA 2022
                  toward the costs of developing the Disaster Response Academy to address equitable recovery from natural disasters for lower income and marginalized communities in the US.