Awarded Sep 14-2022
National Public Radio 2022
toward the costs of building reporting capacity for covering energy, environmental and climate change news in order to improve public knowledge and understanding, provide public accountability and help communities take action to protect the planet
    Awarded Sep 29-2022
    Paris Peace Forum 2022
    in support of convening the 5th Annual Paris Peace Forum, an innovative, multi-stakeholder exchange on urgent issues including food security and the future of health systems
      Awarded Sep 15-2022
      The/Nudge Foundation 2022
      in support of identifying climate resilient and adaptive agricultural practices from grassroots communities in India
        Awarded Sep 15-2022
        Purpose Global 2022
        in support of the “United Nations Emergency Response Communications Response Program for Ukraine” to combat disinformation about the war in Ukraine and drive global support for communities impacted by it
          Awarded Sep 21-2022
          The Resource Alliance India 2022
          In support of developing a digital tool to provide standards-based impact assessments for non-profit and for-profit organizations in India
            Awarded Sep 14-2022
            Community of Evaluators – South Asia 2022
            in support of building evaluation capacity in South Asia through the 2022 Evaluation Conclave, a gathering of evaluators to be held in October 2022
              Awarded Jul 29-2022
              American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2022
              in support of targeted outreach and educational efforts to share the findings of its project on “Rethinking the Humanitarian Health Response to Violent Conflict” and disseminating recommendations related to global cooperation, humanitarian health delivery, and pandemic control
                Awarded Jul 14-2022
                Internews Network 2022
                in support of providing Ukrainian journalists and independent media outlets with resources to ensure their safety and ability to continue working amidst the Russian invasion
                  Awarded Aug 04-2022
                  The/Nudge Foundation 2022
                  toward the costs of the End Ultra-Poverty Collaborative to leverage public finance in order to scale up approaches for alleviating extreme poverty in India