Awarded Jan 28-2022
Ownership Works, Inc. 2022
toward the costs of an effort to (1) partner with public and private companies to implement innovative shared ownership programs; and (2) help establish broad-based shared ownership as the preferred model for employee equity plans, in order to extend wealth-building opportunities to all employees and thereby address the wealth gap that underlies economic insecurity among workers in the United States
    Awarded Oct 13-2021
    Blue Forest Conservation 2021
    in support of efforts to build capacity and launch an innovative financial solution to catalyze forest management on National Forest System lands
      Awarded Oct 26-2021
      New Venture Fund 2021
      for use by the Tipping Point Fund toward the costs of a donor collaborative to fund field building infrastructure that will support the growth and practice of impact investing
        Awarded Nov 01-2021
        Tideline Verification Services 2021
        in support of advancing the development, market testing, and public education efforts at BlueMark related to verification of impact performance reports that describe the results associated with activities organizations pursue in order to foster a more just and equitable society
          Awarded Nov 17-2021
          Post Road Foundation 2021
          in support of diligence consultants and operations to complete financial close of its first demonstration project
            Awarded Oct 26-2021
            New Venture Fund 2021
            For use by its Catalytic Capital Consortium Donor Collaborative toward the costs of promoting a more effective use of catalytic capital to realize the full potential of the impact investing field.
              Awarded Nov 05-2020
              ImpactAssets, Inc. 2020
              in support of determining whether The Rockefeller Foundation's seeding of a charitable fund by Blue Forest Conservation to support forest maintenance across the U.S. as a matching gift program through a Donor Advised Fund vehicle will catalyze other impact investors and grant funders to the fund