Awarded Nov 14-2023
United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities, Inc. 2023
in support of ecosystem research on the U.S. reforestation value chain to help to develop and refine innovative investment strategies and market infrastructure that address systemic bottlenecks, and to improve the understanding of the environmental and social impacts of land use
    Awarded Oct 24-2023
    Elemental Excelerator, Inc. 2023
    in support of a national funding vehicle to scale critical decarbonization technologies for climate and community benefit in the U.S.
      Awarded Nov 01-2022
      New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation 2022
      in support of an effort to demonstrate financing pathways for high performance buildings in low- and moderate-income communities in New York thereby equipping vulnerable communities to adapt to the changing climate.
        Awarded Nov 18-2022
        Bridges Impact Foundation 2022
        in support of an effort to build market-wide consensus on a common set of elements in an impact performance reporting verification methodology used by investors to help ensure that specific impact considerations are uniformly integrated within investment structuring such that investments ultimately achieve measurable positive change in people’s lives and communities
          Awarded Nov 23-2022
          Nature Conservancy 2022
          toward the costs of an accelerator program to generate sustainable revenue from carbon sales or investment in an effort to address climate change and biodiversity loss
            Awarded Jan 28-2022
            Ownership Works, Inc. 2022
            toward the costs of an effort to (1) partner with public and private companies to implement innovative shared ownership programs; and (2) help establish broad-based shared ownership as the preferred model for employee equity plans, in order to extend wealth-building opportunities to all employees and thereby address the wealth gap that underlies economic insecurity among workers in the United States
              Awarded Oct 13-2021
              Blue Forest Conservation 2021
              in support of efforts to build capacity and launch an innovative financial solution to catalyze forest management on National Forest System lands
                Awarded Oct 26-2021
                New Venture Fund 2021
                for use by the Tipping Point Fund toward the costs of a donor collaborative to fund field building infrastructure that will support the growth and practice of impact investing
                  Awarded Nov 01-2021
                  Tideline Verification Services 2021
                  in support of advancing the development, market testing, and public education efforts at BlueMark related to verification of impact performance reports that describe the results associated with activities organizations pursue in order to foster a more just and equitable society