Awarded May 26-2023
in support of promoting locally-centered agroecology to address food insecurity for impoverished communities in Colombia.
    Awarded Apr 18-2023
    Emory University 2023
    For use by its Rollins School of Public Health, in support of the Food Fortification Initiative to provide technical assistance to state-run social safety programs serving malnourished communities in Haryana, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, I
      Awarded Mar 23-2023
      RF Catalytic Capital, Inc. 2023
      in support of developing standardized methods, kits, and data platforms for a mass spectrometry analyses that will subsequently build the foundation for a comprehensive molecular map of the food system
        Awarded Mar 02-2023
        University of Utah 2023
        in support of evaluating the Veterans Heath Administration’s produce prescription programs to advance health outcomes for underserved US veterans
          Awarded Jan 18-2023
          New York Botanical Garden 2023
          in support of studying the impact of climate change on the nutritional value of Ethiopian crops and integrating regenerative agriculture into traditional Ethiopian farming systems.
            Awarded Feb 02-2023
            London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London 2023
            for use by its project, The Research Consortium, in support of research to build more equitable and cost-efficient national school-based health and nutrition programmes for the member states of the School Meals Coalition, with a focus on underserved children in Africa and Asia
              Awarded Dec 13-2022
              University of Chicago 2022
              for use by its Development Innovations Lab towards the cost of evaluating the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of Science (FUNDAEC)’s Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) learning program and its impact in rural Colombia
                Awarded Dec 15-2022
                Context Global Development 2022
                in support of increasing the global accessibility of sustainably produced foods, food products, and healthy ingredients with an immediate impact on Nigerian markets