Awarded Jan 18-2023
New York Botanical Garden 2023
in support of studying the impact of climate change on the nutritional value of Ethiopian crops and integrating regenerative agriculture into traditional Ethiopian farming systems.
    Awarded Dec 13-2022
    University of Chicago 2022
    for use by its Development Innovations Lab towards the cost of evaluating the Foundation for the Application and Teaching of Science (FUNDAEC)’s Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT) learning program and its impact in rural Colombia
      Awarded Dec 15-2022
      Context Global Development 2022
      in support of increasing the global accessibility of sustainably produced foods, food products, and healthy ingredients with an immediate impact on Nigerian markets
        Awarded Nov 17-2022
        About Fresh 2022
        in support of a large-scale Food is Medicine demonstration project with the Veterans Health Administration
          Awarded Nov 17-2022
          Consumers International 2022
          in support of an effort to promote fair food prices and transparent market systems to address anti-competitive conduct in East and Southern Africa
            Awarded Nov 23-2022
            Windward Fund 2022
            for use by its Farm to Fork Collaborative towards the cost of coordinating a diverse and equitable coalition of good food policy advocates in the U.S.
              Awarded Nov 10-2022
              Common Market Georgia Inc. 2022
              in support of providing underserved Atlanta communities with access to healthy and sustainable food and increasing the participation of ecologically focused Black farmers and other small/mid-sized regional producers in urban markets, community health initiatives, and institutional supply chains in Georgia.
                Awarded Oct 21-2022
                World Food Programme 2022
                in support of promoting the production and consumption of good food in school feeding programs in Benin, Ghana, Honduras and India.
                  Awarded Nov 08-2022
                  RSF Social Finance 2022
                  in support of a network of indigenous and local peoples in Kenya, Brazil, Nigeria, Canada and Fiji working to strengthen their own regenerative food systems while building a pipeline for future investment