Awarded Aug 08-2023
American Heart Association 2023
in support of detailed protein analysis of core foods for The Periodic Table of Food Initiative, an effort to improve the quality of food for underserved populations and to move toward sustainable protein production and consumption to combat climate change
    Awarded Jun 28-2023
    Access to Nutrition Foundation 2023
    in support of an initiative to incentivize the production and consumption of healthier food around the world, with a focus on India, Kenya and Ghana
      Awarded Jul 26-2023
      World Wildlife Fund 2023
      in support of documenting the effects of climate change on food and nutrition security in vulnerable, mountain communities in Nepal, and developing approaches for adaptation
        Awarded Jun 07-2023
        FoodShot Global 2023
        toward the costs of the Groundbreaker prize, to elevate Aquatic Food breakthroughs to improve nutrition and climate impacts globally and its general mission to catalyze innovation for a healthier, more sustainable and equitable food system
          Awarded Aug 07-2023
          American Heart Association 2023
          toward the costs of generating evidence to help the health sector scale Food is Medicine interventions to benefit lower-income, historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups in the U.S
            Awarded Aug 29-2023
            Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa 2023
            in support of convening the Africa Food Systems Forum over the next five years to advance plans for achieving an inclusive agricultural and food systems transformation in Africa
              Awarded May 26-2023
              FUNDAEC 2023
              in support of promoting locally-centered agroecology to address food insecurity for impoverished communities in Colombia.
                Awarded Apr 18-2023
                Emory University 2023
                For use by its Rollins School of Public Health, in support of the Food Fortification Initiative to provide technical assistance to state-run social safety programs serving malnourished communities in Haryana, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, I
                  Awarded Jun 07-2023
                  Lattice Aquaculture Trust 2023
                  in support of increasing the availability of affordable, nutritious aquatic foods sourced from local cooperatives for underserved Kenyan school children