Awarded Aug 01-2022
Harvard University 2022
for use by its Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation in support of conducting legal and policy research, developing educational resources, and providing technical assistance related to nutrition interventions to support the implementation of food is medicine policy.
    Awarded Aug 04-2022
    Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa 2022
    towards the cost of supporting smallholder farmers to produce biofortified crops in Africa to increase the availability and accessibility of nutritious and safe food for key institutional markets particularly school feeding programs.
      Awarded Sep 14-2022
      Smallholder Data Services 2022
      in support of research and development of a pilot mobile application that enables smallholder farmers to track their organic and regenerative practices to improve adaptive landscape management, improving farming outputs and market access in Thailand, Haiti, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.
        Awarded Aug 04-2022
        Community Services Unlimited, Inc 2022
        toward the costs of the Equitable Food Oriented Development Collaborative and Fund (“EFOD”), a pooled fund to provide grants and concessionary capital to BIPOC- and community-owned food businesses and nonprofits involved in the production and distribution of good food to communities.
          Awarded Aug 23-2022
          Naandi Foundation 2022
          in support of testing and scaling regenerative and nourishing food systems in India in order to improve health, sustain the environment and build a more equitable future
            Awarded Aug 16-2022
            Meridian Institute 2022
            toward the costs of defining and accelerating regenerative agriculture across global food systems
              Awarded Aug 16-2022
              Dalberg Catalyst 2022
              for use by the Climate Action Platform for Africa, in support of building an evidence base of regenerative agricultural practices that improve climate and profitability impacts for smallholder farmers in Africa
                Awarded Sep 01-2022
                American Heart Association 2022
                toward the costs of advancing state-level efforts to make healthy school meals free for all children
                  Awarded Aug 31-2022
                  Health Care Without Harm 2022
                  in support of the creation and progress of a coalition advancing good food procurement policies among federal agencies