Awarded Jul 03-2022
Culture House 2022
toward the costs of “The Agreement,” a documentary film profiling the diplomatic process that led to the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    Awarded May 03-2022
    Good Market 2022
    in support of expanding the Catalyst Market platform to create e-commerce solutions for inclusive, regenerative economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America
      Awarded Feb 10-2022
      United Nations Foundation 2022
      for use by the Co-Develop Fund in support of launching a collaborative funding mechanism to build "good", inclusive digital public infrastructure in order to reduce global inequality
        Awarded Feb 18-2022
        International Institute for Sustainable Development 2022
        in support of laying the foundations for a Natural Security Initiative, a joint action that seeks to catalyze better investment in natural ecosystems to protect and benefit biodiversity and people, including a convening to be held at The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Italy
          Awarded Dec 16-2021
          Artha Global 2021
          in support of hosting convenings and facilitating research on green and equitable growth in India.
            Awarded Dec 16-2021
            Open Data Institute 2021
            in support of conducting desk research, expert interviews, analysis and report writing to produce guidance for ‘data institutions’ on how federated learning can be deployed to support their responsible stewardship of data
              Awarded Dec 12-2021
              Dalberg Catalyst 2021
              in support of designing and administering the “Uncommon Collaboration” fund to support collaborations between experts advancing projects emerging from convenings and other network channels that seek creative solutions to complex challenges the world faces today
                Awarded Dec 08-2021
                CARE 2021
                in support of creating a gender-focused artist residency for up to 9 artists at the Bellagio Center, including support for post-residency dialogues and public action
                  Awarded Dec 08-2021
                  National Center for Civic Innovation 2021
                  for use by The GovLab in support of its InnovateUS project to catalyze multi-state innovation and action toward strengthening the capacity of the public sector to better address shared challenges related to public digital infrastructure.