Dec 10 2020
Powering an Inclusive Covid-19 Recovery
Compounding the enormous suffering caused by Covid-19 illnesses and deaths, the world is facing the largest peacetime shock to the global economy in a century. Past crises opened windows of …


Awarded Dec 13-2017
Grant 2017
toward the costs of accelerating high impact energy access for households and businesses in Africa and incubating the “Energy for Growth Hub” to support smart, effective energy systems in the developing world

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    APRIL 2020

    Apr 02 2020
    Using Data to Bring Light to the Last Mile
    Some of the most exciting energy innovations today, from pendulum power to gravity lights, are being implemented down isolated dirt roads or across remote grasslands to communities living along the …

    MARCH 2020

    Mar 05 2020
    Driving Global Action
    To end poverty worldwide, we must achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7.
    Mar 05 2020
    Powering the Last Mile
    Working across the public and private sectors to scale distributed renewable energy solutions to empower communities worldwide.