Oct 29 2020
How we Reimagine an Equitable Future for All
It's possible to end energy poverty in 10 years, to prevent the next pandemic and improve healthcare for all, to provide living wages to those who work hard, and to …


Awarded Oct 18-2017
Grant 2017
toward the costs of piloting a private sector-led micro-levy on bottled water
    Awarded Oct 18-2017
    Grant Post Road Foundation 2017
    toward the costs of conducting pre-feasibility studies for three communities in the U.S. to assess the potential for integrated and sustainable digital infrastructure investments

      NOVEMBER 2018

      Awarded Nov 02-2018
      Grant 2018
      toward the costs of the research and design of a Community Development Finance Index to increase capital flow into poor and vulnerable populations through new financial products

        SEPTEMBER 2015

        Awarded Sep 15-2015
        Grant 2015
        toward the costs of designing the Financial Inclusion Funding Facility, an effort to spur financial inclusion across Africa, by coordinating investments and technical assistance by commercial institutions, philanthropic organizations, governments and development aid agencies

          OCTOBER 2018

          Awarded Oct 22-2018
          Grant The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment 2018
          in general support of its mission to create a world where measurable social and environmental impact is embraced as a deliverable driver in every investment and business decision affecting people and the planet

            JANUARY 2017

            Awarded Jan 19-2017
            Grant Northwestern University 2017
            for use by its Kellogg School of Management in support of The Rockefeller Foundation & Kellogg School of Management Sustainable Investing Fellowship, an effort to build the field of impact investing in business and professional education

              JUNE 2019

              Awarded Jun 28-2019
              Grant 2019
              in support of researching opportunities to connect donor-advised funds to impact investment opportunities

                OCTOBER 2017

                Awarded Oct 18-2017
                Grant 2017
                for use by its project, the Start Network, in support of launching a Replica Insurance product through the African Risk Capacity initiative, in an effort to develop new financing instruments to enable faster, more effective humanitarian aid