JULY 2023

Jul 18 2023
Truth Be Told: Credible Communication for Climate Action
Episode 26 In 2022 the IPCC called out climate disinformation for the first time, noting a “deliberate undermining of science” was contributing to “misperceptions of the scientific consensus, uncertainty, disregarded risk …

JUNE 2023

Jun 26 2023
Expanding Covid Vaccine Access in BIPOC Communities
Facing a downward trend in covid-19 vaccination doses across the United States, The Rockefeller Foundation worked with the Equity-First Vaccine Initiative to connect over 100 community-based organizations to reach BIPOC …
Jun 22 2023
Impact Report 2020-2022
Accelerating Access to Testing and Vaccines
Health Overview Our priority in 2020 was responding to Covid-19. From the first weeks we could see that the pandemic’s devastating impact on both life and well-being would require extraordinary steps. …