MARCH 2017

Awarded Mar 16-2017
Grant 2017
in support of studying the feasibility of establishing new specialized care health facilities in Kenya to help control HIV and promote maternal, newborn, and children’s health

    OCTOBER 2016

    Awarded Oct 26-2016
    Grant 2016
    in general support of its mission to improve the status of the working poor in the informal economy, especially women
      Awarded Oct 25-2016
      Grant Medic Mobile 2016
      in general support of its mission to build, deliver and support mobile tools that help community health workers provide equitable care to marginalized communities

        FEBRUARY 2015

        Awarded Feb 10-2015
        Grant 2015
        in support of conducting and disseminating research and analysis of several prototype approaches to determining if and how the health of poor or vulnerable people who work in the informal sector could be positively impacted at scale

          DECEMBER 2015

          Awarded Dec 01-2015
          Grant impactXdesign LLC 2015
          in support of a comprehensive study on the role of personal health technologies in advancing health for the urban working poor

            NOVEMBER 2016

            Awarded Nov 30-2016
            Grant 2016
            toward the costs of a Digital Health Innovation Summit that will explore innovative applications of information technology to improve nutrition for low-income women and children in the U.S.

              OCTOBER 2019

              Awarded Oct 22-2019
              Grant PATH 2019
              for use by its Digital Square program in support of a feasibility study catalyzing a Health Data Science Exchange to improve the reach, quality and efficiency of health service delivery to people in low-and-middle-income countries

                JUNE 2018

                Awarded Jun 26-2018
                Grant PATH 2018
                toward the costs of two of its Digital Square initiatives, the Digital Regional East Africa Community Health initiative and the African Alliance for Digital Health Networks, both seeking to build regional digital health systems and capacity in East Africa