Awarded Nov 07-2019
Grant 2019
for use by The Conway Centre in support of research to examine the interactions of specific, under-researched food compounds on human and livestock health

    AUGUST 2020

    Awarded Aug 10-2020
    Grant 2020
    toward the costs of launching the Food System Economic Commission, an independent, interdisciplinary academic commission to deliver a state of the art scientific assessment on the economics of the transition to healthy, inclusive and sustainable food systems

      DECEMBER 2019

      Awarded Dec 10-2019
      Grant 2019
      in support of research on the cost-effectiveness of simplified treatment protocols for acute malnutrition, in order to leverage the support of community health systems to identify and treat children in vulnerable communities

        NOVEMBER 2019

        Awarded Nov 08-2019
        Grant Meridian Institute 2019
        toward the costs of creating the Food Periodic Table Global Consortium, an effort to spur scientific advancements in understanding the biochemical elements of diet that contribute to health and wellbeing

          OCTOBER 2018

          Awarded Oct 23-2018
          Grant Meridian Institute 2018
          in support of exploring the feasibility of developing a Global Library for Agricultural Images and Data (GLAID) initiative, in an effort to use data and machine learning to increase effectiveness across agricultural production and distribution

            APRIL 2020

            Awarded Apr 22-2020
            Grant 2020
            toward the cost of the Groundbreaker Prize, to elevate innovative work in protein production that advances a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable food system

              MAY 2020

              FEBRUARY 2020

              Awarded Feb 25-2020
              Grant Harvard University 2020
              for use by its Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School in support of developing a National Produce Prescription Advocacy Strategy to address food insecurity by promoting the consumption of nutrient-rich foods in underserved communities

                NOVEMBER 2018

                Awarded Nov 19-2018
                Grant 2018
                in support of developing a Global Framework for Action on Food Loss and Waste including developing country diagnostics and forming a high-level task force