JULY 2020

Awarded Jul 06-2020
Grant University of Toronto 2020
for use by its Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society in support of developing a series of research papers and project briefs, and organizing a virtual convening to determine how to construct systems for Artificial Intelligence governance

    SEPTEMBER 2020

    Awarded Sep 15-2020
    Grant 2020
    in support of the Taxpayer Opportunity Network and other efforts to provide alternative, digital tax filing assistance.

      JUNE 2020

      Awarded Jun 11-2020
      Grant Stanford University 2020
      to support its Center for Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences to development a series of research papers, project briefs, and the organization of a virtual convening to determine how to construct systems for AI governance.

        APRIL 2018

        Awarded Apr 26-2018
        Grant Results for Development 2018
        for use by the International Development Innovation Alliance, a network of leading development innovation funders, in support of promoting and advancing innovation as a means of transforming the lives of poor or vulnerable people

          NOVEMBER 2017

          Awarded Nov 20-2017
          Grant New Venture Fund 2017
          for use by the Science Philanthropy Alliance toward the costs of increasing philanthropic support for basic scientific research

            MARCH 2019

            Awarded Mar 22-2019
            Grant United Nations Foundation 2019
            for use by its Future State Initiative in support of training and outreach on the use and governance of data to promote economic empowerment and democratic values

              APRIL 2019

              Awarded Apr 24-2019
              Grant 2019
              for use by its GeoTech Center in support of a series of convenings and reports exploring China's emerging global role as a leader in the development of artificial intelligence

                OCTOBER 2019

                Awarded Oct 14-2019
                Grant 2019
                to hold a Bellagio convening aimed at shaping a global data governance agenda and conduct related research

                  APRIL 2019

                  Awarded Apr 08-2019
                  Grant IDEO.org 2019
                  in support of human-centered, design-driven research to study and showcase ways that people and communities may benefit from digital government transformation