Awarded Nov 14-2016
Grant 2016
in support of enabling the Global Resilience Partnership Asia to enhance its business integration actions and strategies in order to influence corporate investment in climate resilience actions and initiatives throughout the Southeast Asia region
    Awarded Nov 14-2016
    Grant 2016
    in support of a project to identify and engage high-potential innovators in digital technology with a focus on resilience outcomes in Asia

      NOVEMBER 2015

      Awarded Nov 20-2015
      Grant IDEO.org 2015
      in support of the fourth iteration of the Amplify Challenge – an ideas competition that will solicit innovative approaches for building resilience to climate change in urban slum communities across the Sahel and Southeast Asia

        OCTOBER 2015

        Awarded Oct 19-2015
        Grant 2015
        in support of implementing innovative rebuilding approaches in areas most devastated by the Gorkha earthquake by using key levers such as remittance flows to enable communities to realize a lasting resilience dividend

          DECEMBER 2015

          Awarded Dec 08-2015
          Grant 2015
          toward the costs of establishing a global network of southern NGOs working on humanitarian response, recovery and resilience building
            Awarded Dec 14-2015
            Grant 2015
            for use by the UN Habitat City Resilience Profiling Programme in support of strengthening advocacy and raising awareness around resilience, urban crises, and cities most at risk, and to support the launch of the Global Alliance for Urban Crises in the run-up to the World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul, May 2016

              DECEMBER 2016

              Awarded Dec 12-2016
              Grant 2016
              for use by its Accenture Development Partnerships in support of informing the Global Resilience Partnership’s transition to a new operating model

                OCTOBER 2016

                Awarded Oct 26-2016
                Grant 2016
                in support of refining the Global Resilience Partnership’s Learning Agenda and designing a related partner convening to enable horizon scanning for high-potential partnership opportunities

                  OCTOBER 2015

                  Awarded Oct 13-2015
                  Grant 2015
                  toward the costs of organizing the "Tenth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation: Enhancing Urban Community Resilience," to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 2016