The Bellagio Center/

Meeting Rooms, Services, and Equipment

Voltage. The Center operates on 220 volts, 50/60 cycles. Adapters and plugs (which are not converters) are available on request. Please return the adapter to the Meeting Coordinator before you leave, otherwise we will be obliged to charge you € 8,00 for its replacement.

Water. The water at the Center is tested regularly and is safe for drinking. Bottled water is also supplied.

Secretarial services. The Center cannot provide secretarial support and assistance.

Photocopier and Printer. A copy machine and a regular printer are available. Up to 500 copies per meeting are free. The organizer will be charged є 10,00 for any extra paper ream.

Color Printer and Color Copier are also available with a charge of є 0,50 per page.

Stationary. We provide note pads, pens and pencils, writing boards, flip charts on stands and markers.

Digital recording must be operated by a member of the group and can be transferred to the meeting organizer’s memory stick or laptop free of charge.

Equipment available for use in the meeting rooms:

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • A laptop with Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Digital audio recorder (Frati – Sfondrata)
  • Whiteboards (Frati – Villa)
  • Whiteboards and blackboards (Sfondrata)
  • Interactive whiteboard Ricoh (Frati – Sfondrata)
  • IP Video Conference System
  • Blue Jeans Service

Computers and Printers for Conferees. 2 Windows 7 Enterprise desktop PCs, 1 Laser Monochrome and 1 Laser Color printer are at your disposal in the PC-room but be aware you will have to share them with other participants. If sharing compromises your productivity, please bring your own laptop and/or printer.

Computers and Printers for Residents. 1 Laser Monochrome printer is at your disposal in your private studio. Laptop / Mac is available on request.

Internet access. A dedicated Internet connection (XDSL 25Mb Down/ 25Mb Up + Backup line 20 Mb Down/ 4Mb Up) provided free of charge, is available in all bedrooms, common rooms and in the meeting room 24/7. All rooms have Wi-Fi connection. You may only use any browser-based e-mail (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook Web Access, etc.) without any previous set up.

E-mail systems such as Outlook and Outlook Express that rely on POP3 or SMTP servers cannot be used unless your computer is VPN-connection enabled. Our Internet Service Provider does not allow e-mail relaying.

VPN. There are no limitations to the VPN. 

For your laptop. To access our local area network and have access to the Center’s Internet connection, your computer must have:

  1. Ethernet 10/100 network adapter or Wireless adapter
  2. Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browsers must have their proxy servers deactivated.
  3. A working anti-virus program with the latest virus definitions. You will not be allowed to connect to the network unless your computer is in compliance. Wireless connection is available in most common and meeting rooms.

Telephone. Telephones with direct-dial service are available in each room. Charges are automatically assessed; you will be billed at the end of your stay. Calling cards, which are readily available for purchase in town, are a significantly less expensive alternative to dialing directly from your room.

Fax service. Faxes may be sent during normal office hours; incoming service is available 24/7. You will be billed for outgoing faxes at the end of your stay.

Charges for Personal Expenses. Telephone, fax, medical services and other personal charges will be calculated by the Meeting Coordinator for every guest. Payments may be made in euros and/or dollars. We do NOT accept credit cards.

Gym and Tennis courts are on the premises. Tennis rackets and balls may be borrowed from your Bellagio Meeting Coordinator.

Jogging is possible on the grounds. There are several miles of paths in the park and gardens that you are free to enjoy.

Swimming is possible in the lake.

Incoming Regular Mail and Advance Shipments by International Courier: we suggest you carry rather than send essential materials.

To send books, papers, or materials, address the package as follows:
Bellagio Center
Villa Serbelloni
Via Garibaldi, 8
22021 Bellagio (CO), Italy

Include your name and address on the return label.  Affix a label on the package with the following statement:

Esente da Diritti Doganali ai Sensi della Legge No. 984 del 9 Ottobre 1964
pubblicata sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale N. 264 del 27 Ottobre 1964.

In accordance with this law, the Center has the right to import duty free materials essential to its operation.  Exemption may not be claimed for personal items like clothing.  It is possible that an Italian Customs Tax may be levied after inspection of your shipment (please note that eventual customs costs are the sender’s responsibility).  If so, it will be paid by the Center’s representative and you will be billed upon your arrival.  Do not overstate the declared value on packages because if duty is levied the charge will be based on the stated value.

Courier Services.  The Foundation has used Federal Express, DHL, UPS, and Skypack to send materials to Italy; the best service is currently with DHL.  Although delivery is usually faster than regular mail, one should allow 2 weeks for packages to arrive as they must go through customs in Italy.  Letters usually reach Bellagio in 2-4 business days.

In the courier form, new procedures require that the Bellagio Center’s fax number (+39.031-955-259) be included in the address.  Please list the contents as ‘used books and papers’ or ‘used tapes’, etc., and select “no commercial value”.  You will also want to indicate a low value in the appropriate space for custom purposes.

Please fax to the Bellagio Center the following information (+39.031-955-259) if you plan to send a package by courier: copy of the front page of your passport (name, photo, expiry); copy of the track document; copy of invoice with value declaration, if any, name and dates of your meeting.
Packages without the above documentation and information for customs will not be delivered to the Bellagio Center and guests will be charged for any expenses that occur.

Mail service.  Stamped postcards and letters can be mailed by the office; mail is delivered and picked up twice a week.

We do not sell stamps: they are available in the village at the tobacconist’s or at the post office.

We suggest you carry, rather than send, essential materials with you.